Raffles Classic Tea Set


Raffles Classic Tea Gift Set

Indulge in an all day romance with three different types of teas specially crafted to suit the varying moods of dawn till dusk.

Morning Tea 40 grams

This light coloured yet mysteriously strong tea hails from the highlands of Dimbula, Ceylon. Kick-start your day with an energizing cup of Raffles Morning Tea, enjoyable with or without milk and some sugar.

Afternoon Tea 40 grams

Raffles Afternoon Tea, harvested from Ruhana in Ceylon, is the strongest tea in the series. Wave your mid-day blues away with this full-bodied tea during or after lunch and remain energetic for the rest of the day.

Evening Tea 40 grams

We present our Evening Tea for a soothing experience. Created by mixing Dimbula teas with natural rose petals, its smooth floral flavour is the perfect dining companion. Calming and low in caffeine, it will also prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

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