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    Raffles Tea Tin Set

    • Raffles Morning Tea Leaves 100 gm
    • Raffles Afternoon Tea Leaves 100 gm

    Morning Tea

    This light coloured yet mysteriously strong tea hails from the highlands of Dimbula, Ceylon.

    Kick-start your day with an energizing cup of Raffles Morning Tea, enjoyable with or without milk and some sugar.


    Afternoon Tea

    Raffles Afternoon Tea, harvested from Ruhana in Ceylon, is the strongest tea in the series.

    Wave your mid-day blues away with this full-bodied tea during or after lunch and remain energetic for the rest of the day.

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    Raffles Tea Tin Set

    • Raffles Darjeeling Tea Leaves 100 gm
    • Raffles Earl Grey Tea Leaves 100 gm

    Darjeeling Tea

    Hailing from the foothills of Himalayan mountains, Darjeeling tea is commonly considered the champagne of all teas. Raffles Darjeeling uses the finest “second flush” teas, providing an elegant floral aroma and a distinctive muscatel flavour. Unwind with a cup of Raffles Darjeeling tea and be swept away by its exceptional taste.

    Earl Grey Tea

    A luxurious combination of the finest Ceylon teas: Specially crafted to enhance the aroma of Bergamot, complemented by an undertone of refreshing citrus flavours. This is a brew perfected by 1872 Clipper Tea over 20 years of dedicated commitment to tea making. Indulge in this elegant blend in the afternoon or early evening, with a little sugar to taste.